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The following terms and conditions apply to all pages and documents available on the Impel Industries, Inc. website.

1. All images and textual descriptions are the property of Impel Industries, inc. and are provided for viewing via a web browser for informational purposes only. Unauthorized use of the images and textural descriptions are unacceptable and will be persued. Unauthorized use is as follows: The use of Impel Industries informational material, images and descriptions on sites that are not requested or paid by the authorized management representatives of Impel Industries, Inc.

2. Use of the Cascading Style Sheet (herein called CSS) named layout1.css is fully authorized for use as long as the unique content of Impel Industries, Inc. is not duplicated. The CSS file may be utilized for any website design and also be altered to suit personal tastes. For more information regarding the coding and availability of the CSS document used to create this page, please visit

3. The information provided on the site,, is for current as well as potential clients, sales calls based on information obtained through will not be accepted. However, product and informational mailings can be sent via United States Postal Service (at your cost) to Impel Industries, Inc. for consideration of potential business dealings.

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