Whatever your project needs, Impel is ready to deliver!
From initial feasibility, tooling design, and stamping…
To metal finishing, over mold, welded, and mechanical assembly.
Impel, with its in house team and trusted industry partners are ready to tackle small to large projects, providing a one-source turn-key solution across many disciplines.

Rapid Sheet Metal Prototyping

Our core focus is on rapid prototyping of sheet metal parts for a variety of industries. We are able to take your part from concept to completion, within a day in extreme cases. Airbag housings, suspension system spring seats and clevis assemblies, brackets, covers, cowlings, and much more have been produced by our skilled and knowledgeable team.

Production Support & Pre-Launch

If your production tooling is running a little behind schedule, perhaps we can produce your pre-fill as a stop-gap to ensure your first deliveries are made on time, to your specifications.

Service Parts

Whether it’s reverse engineering from an old and poorly legible print, to combining that with a physical sample and a 3D scanned part, to starting with clean data and prints. Impel Industries has produced and will continue to produce service parts for a variety of products, across automotive, aerospace, and other industries.


If you require third-party verification of parts/assemblies, our CMMs and trained Quality Team will meet your needs. We perform inspections of part to print or data on every project.

Sheet Metal

Impel Industries has assembled a team of experienced professionals in forming a variety of metal sheet stock. From a wide array of Carbon Steel, High Strength Low Alloy, Dual Phase, Hastelloy and other aerospace metals to copper and aluminum alloy. Whether it is a traditional break press or stampings, complex multi-stage stamping operations or deep draws and foil as thin as 0.03mm or as heavy as 10.0mm thick plate, we have you covered.

  • Stampings
    Our Hydraulic presses range from 10 tons to 600 tons, our presses can be set up to run single operation tooling, multi-stage tooling, as well as complex multiple operations across a line of presses.
  • Deep Draws
    Whether your material is a few millimeters thick and needs to be drawn into a two-inch diameter by 3-inch deep cup or nearly thick plate that needs to be drawn into a 14” diameter, deep bell shape, we have the presses and experience to make that happen. We have even drawn cups with a diameter between a dime and a nickel nearly 127mm in total depth! If you need an expert in deep draws, we aim to impress!
  • Press Break
    With our existing collection of punches and dies, we are ready to bend many thicknesses and angles straight away. When we need the tooling, our team of fabricators, tool designers, and CNC machinists are ready to design and ready tooling quickly and to your specification.


From raw materials to stamped, machined, coated, and plastic over mold, we can be your turnkey solution for complex assemblies. From simple hinged mechanisms to complex, multi-discipline assemblies including weld, riveted and press-fit components, we have the know-how to permanently join your pieces to your specifications. Whether the project requires crimping, press joining tab, and slot edges together, we have utilized a variety of tools and are familiar with a number of patented systems, such as PEM Fasteners. Our hydraulic rivet press machines are ready to stake or spin multiple styles and applications of rivets

  • Welding
    With our array of equipment, trained, and certified team members, we are well situated to take on a variety of welding projects. For the mating materials between 23 gauge and upwards of 1/2” thick, our MIG Welders are at the ready. For the welding of non-ferrous metals; aluminum, stainless steel, and magnesium alloys, our Tungsten Inert Alloy welding equipment is available for your projects.
  • Spot Welding
    At 150kva, our spot welders can take on a variety of fixtures, with variable openings allowing for a large variety of projects, including the installation of weld stud and weld nuts. We can even spot weld aluminum up to 2mm in thickness.

CNC Machining

Backed up by industry leading cutter path generating software, WorkNC CAD/CAM by Hexagon Metrology, our five, 3-Axis Vertical Machining Centers can cut through a variety of carbon steels, allow steels, aluminum, copper alloys and much more.

  • Billet Machining of Parts
    Our CNC programmers and machinists have years of experience in multi-stage setups, designing fixtures for the most efficient machining and to hold tolerances to your specifications.
  • In House Tooling Design and Machining
    With our in house tooling design team and CNC Machinists, we are capable of producing all tooling, for every stamped metal part, fixtures for mechanical or welded assemblies, along with final check fixtures as your job specifies.

Laser Cutting

2D Flat Blanking

To help speed up the processing of parts, when possible, we will produce 2D Flat blanks for single or multiple stage parts, with holding pad and tool location tabs. This often speeds up the processing of parts, allowing for rapid turn arounds. In the cases of needing to develop trim dies for creating flat blanks that are then stamped into final parts, this process can be used to greatly decrease the development time for determining a final blank design for the trim die.

3D 5-Axis

For more complex stampings, that often require several trim die operations in production, we can stamp the metal through one or more operations and then move to a final time operation on the laser. Thus reducing time for development of trim dies and the associated costs for rapid prototyping or pre-launch, low volume production support.

Metals and Other Materials

The power of our modern laser and the use of various assist gasses, makes it possible for Impel Industries to cut Carbon Steels, HSLA, Dual Phase, Certain Aerospace Steels (which may require post laser finishing to ensure the material’s integrity), Copper Alloys, Aluminum Alloys, Stainless Steel, Wood and even several types of plastic and acrylics.

Trumpf TruLaser Cell 7040 Fiber Optic Laser

 Impel Drives Forward into the future with the addition of this Trumpf TruLaser Cell 7040.


Our Hydraulic presses range from 10 tons to 600 tons, our presses can be set up to run single operation tooling, multi-stage tooling, as well as complex multiple operations across a line of presses.

Feasibility Support

When we receive your quote package, our team will review the provided print, 3D CAD, material specifications, and other requirements. During this process, we will determine if it is feasible to manufacture the product to meet your specifications and advise if there might be any pitfalls during production.

Skilled Workers

With certified welders, skilled machinists, skilled tool and die tradesmen, as well as skilled tooling designers, laser programmers, and Quality personnel, Impel Industries has an in house team with decades of experience in bringing your designs to your required specifications.

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