Impel Celebrates 20 Years of Operations

Impel Celebrates 20 Years of Operations

In early 2000, Tom Patzer opened Impel Industries in Sterling Heights, MI with two 3-Axis CNC Machining Centers, one 5-Axis Mazak Laser, a single Spot Welder, MIG and TIG welders, a Faro Gold Inspection Arm, a few Bridgeport Mills and a handful of Hydraulic Presses all fitted into a tight building of just under 13,700 Square Feet. Before too long, we required additional offsite space for materials and tooling storage.

            Within 5 years of opening, the successes of Impel driving forward, lead to investing and moving into the larger 17,200 Square Foot building we still operate in today. Using the open floorplan manufacturing area and higher ceiling space, Impel was able to leverage this space to bring everything under one roof. We added a second 5-Axis Mazak Laser, several additional presses (increasing maximum tonnage up to 600 tons), two lathes, additional 3-Axis CNC Machining Centers, and Bridgeport Mills, an additional Spot Welder, two Gantry Style Hexagon Metrology GlobalFX CMMs, and more.

            In the intervening years, we have replaced our Mazak Lasers with a modern Trumpf 5-Axis TruLaser Fiber Optic Laser, upgraded and added additional 3-Axis CNC Mills. In keeping up with evolving technology needs, we have regularly upgraded our internal network speeds and key workstations to better handle more complex, data dense parts and assemblies that are part and parcel of our ever advancing world.

            In today’s world, Impel has remained a critical supplier throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic. Keeping our doors open, protecting our employees, vendors, and customers by following the latest in CDC Guidelines, we have maintained on-time deliveries and quality meeting our customer-driven specifications.

            We look forward to serving you, into the next 20 years!
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